ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat




Local governments are central in managing the world’s most valuable resource: water. Indispensable for cities' well-being and social and economic development, water must be managed well.

ICLEI supports local governments in carrying out their water sector roles and responsibilities in a sustainable manner, thus contributing to the sound management of water resources beyond city boundaries.

ICLEI promotes and provides guidance on:

  • Integrated Urban Water Management

  • Good governance in the water sector, including stakeholder engagement

  • Adaption of urban water systems to climate change

  • Water-energy-food nexus

  • Green-blue infrastructure solutions

    ICLEI services in the area of water

    For local government officials:

    • Training Build your capacity for managing a sustainable and resilient urban water system - find out about ICLEI’s services for tailor-made training workshops via the SWITCH Training Desk or write to us at water@iclei.org
    • Events Join conferences and other events (co-)organised by ICLEI to meet and exchange your expertise, experience and questions on water-related issues with your counterparts from other cities.
    • Study tours Take part in study tours (co-)organised by ICLEI to get to know what other cities and stakeholders do about their water-related challenges and opportunities.

    For researchers in the water sector:

    • Knowledge brokerage Work with ICLEI to make your knowledge and innovation relevant and accessible for local government decision-makers and practitioners.
    • Outreach Connect with some 1,000 local and regional governments worldwide of ICLEI’s global Membership network.

    For globally active organisations:

    • Collaboration with ICLEI offices in the Global South Work with ICLEI teams in Africa, Asia and Latin America to exchange on and build the capacity of local governments for sustainable urban water management.


    Past and current projects

    With the ICLEI European Secretariat as project coordinator:

    • ACCESSanitation (2009 – 2013) focused on ‘Accelerating City-to-City Exchange on Sustainable Sanitation’ between African and Asian countries (partially funded by EuropeAid)

    With the ICLEI European Secretariat as project partner:

    • AdoptIUWM (2013 – 2016) supports four cities in Rajasthan and Maharashtra, India, in adopting integrated urban water management solutions (partially funded by EuropeAid)
    • WaterPiPP (2014 – 2016) explores innovative public procurement methods in the water sector and tests them in selected regions and cities throughout Europe (funded by the European Commission, FP7)
    • SWITCH – Managing Water for the City of the Future (2006 – 2011) carried out action-oriented, demand-led research with local Learning Alliances in cities all around the world, producing, amongst others, a Training Kit on Integrated Urban Water Management for local governments and water utilities (partially funded by the European Commission, FP6)