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ICLEI European Secretariat



Urban Governance

Local policy-making for sustainability is much more than the decisions taken by the mayor or council – however without them it is impossible! How successful are our local processes, plans and strategies in creating better quality of life without draining natural resources? How efficient are our methods to integrate the knowledge and engagement of citizens?

A cyclical, integrated management and governance system

  • Through the Sustainability Cycle local governments can assess their local sustainability situation, set measurable targets together with local stakeholders and evaluate success in achieving them.

  • The Nachhaltigkeit Kommunal project supports German speaking sustainability processes on a local level by means of exemplary case studies, training possibilities and an innovative sustainability management.

  • The agenda+ think tank of advanced cities explores the latest trends and how to address them.

  • The Informed Cities Initiative brings together local governments and researchers from across Europe.

  • The European Roundtable for Local Sustainability is a platform where national institutions throughout Europe co-operate together in elaborating new visions and strategies on how to support local authorities in implementing Local Agenda 21.

  • Coordination of the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign
    together with other European networks.

  • Supportive structure in implementing the Aalborg Commitments.  

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