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Energy means life. We use energy every day – to heat or cool our buildings, to run electrical appliances, to power our vehicles. Are we thinking about the impact of our energy behaviour? Does burning fossil fuels still make sense in this day and age? What does carbon neutral energy mean?

Energy security (sufficient energy, affordable energy), and the link between energy and climate change are key issues we are exploring with communities across Europe today.

The transition to a sustainable energy future has started: saving energy, using energy more efficiently, switching to renewable energy sources. Plan your community’s transition and address local sustainable energy action – join the movement.

From energy savings to energy adaptation – your choice has an impact

With around 80 percent of the European population living in urban areas today, this is where the energy transition has to take place. Make use of ICLEI’s tools, guidance and support provided to local governments:

  • Heat Roadmap Europe 4 - Energy use in the 14 largest European countries in terms of heat demand is mapped and modeled by the HRE4 project, providing an overview of the most energy intensive areas, as well as local sources of energy generation

  • THERMOS seeks to amplify and accelerate the development of new low carbon heating and cooling solutions in cities across Europe

  • Starting with your Action Plan? Get support through Covenant capaCITY - a training platform for local leaders and municipal staff

  • ENERGY FOR MAYORS - supporting municipalities and their partners: Covenant Coordinators and Supporters

  • Energy efficient historic buildings - 3ENCULT: study tours, workshops and newsletters

  • Renewable Energy Regions – towards 100 percent energy autonomy

  • FIESTA - Families with children are at the core of this project, which aims to foster improvements in energy consumption habits

  • Local Renewables Conference series - 2016 focuses on energising the smart city and region

  • The STRATEGO project aims to help national and local authorities develop enhanced Heating & Cooling plans

Concluded projects with great results:

Campaigns and Initiatives

Join the action today

ICLEI Europe works with communities across the continent – with cities and towns that have different climates, different levels of experience and different interests. Yet they all have one thing in common: they are engaging in local energy action.

Sign up to our European climate and energy mailing list. For an overview of climate and energy events relevant to local governments, please visit the LG Action events calendar.

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