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Climate change mitigation

The climate is changing and people are accelerating this natural phenomenon by burning fossil fuels, wasting energy and other valuable resources. It is time to react - quickly and effectively - to mitigate the human impact on climate change by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). We need local climate action right now.

Cities and towns are busy integrating climate protection into all walks of life and in all sectors, providing direction and engaging their citizens - moving forward together towards a low carbon society.

Effective approaches – from advocacy to action

ICLEI launched the Green Climate Cities Initiative, building on 20 years of the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign. The European CCP Campaign is now in transition - watch this space!

ICLEI Europe is proud to be a Supporter of the Covenant of Mayors engaging in its capacity as a European network of local governments and associations.

Current highlights include:

  • Are you starting with your Sustainable Energy Action Plan?  Do you want to improve your GHG Inventory? Get support through the Covenant capaCITY project - a comprehensive training programme, which also includes an online Training Platform for local leaders and municipal staff.
  • Robust energy data is crucial for a solid Baseline Emission Inventory, prioritising action and monitor success. MESHARTILITY assists European local governments to access local data.

  • Strive for a comprehensive climate plan and stakeholder involvement process with the support of SEAP+ and its exchange opportunities.

  • How to finance local climate action while involving your community? CO-POWER facilitates community-owned energy projects throughout Europe. 

  • 3ENCULT - explore how to bridge the gap between energy efficiency retrofit and preservation of your city´s cultural heritage.

  • OPTIMUS – Optimising the energy use in cities with smart decision support system.

  • Local Renewables Conference series - 2014 focuses on Regional development through energy transition - Practical guidance on efficiently utilising renewable energy resources.

  • Great resources for Local Governments in the Toolbox of Methodologies on Climate and Energy - use, add and rate resources.


Concluded projects with great results:

Working together

ICLEI's European Members are engaged in climate protection. Many cities have been leading the way for decades, working with ICLEI to build a knowledge base and share experiences. Others are just starting up. In the north, south, east, and west of Europe, local communities are engaging - from Burgas (Bulgaria) to Berlin (Germany), from Stockholm (Sweden) to Rome (Italy). These cities and many others are sharing news through ICLEI’s CCP Campaign. Check our news page for updates on these activities.

Our world, our future

Connect with the communities involved in climate protection and improving their community resilience. Sign up to our European climate and energy mailing list, and join our CCP Campaign today – let’s move forward together.

For an overview of climate and energy events relevant to local governments, please visit the LG Action events calendar.


More information

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