ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat




In Europe, ICLEI is dedicated to introducing and anchoring new instruments, mechanisms and tools for municipal management, in order to ensure the unwavering implementation, effective monitoring and continual improvement of sustainable development.

The protection of common goods is an important priority area to European Members. ICLEI also strives to help these Members answer vital questions about both people and money:

  • Do we manage our cities smartly?

  • How successful are our local processes, plans and strategies in creating better quality of life without draining natural resources?

  • What can a city do when it believes it can’t afford sustainability?

By working with local governments ICLEI helps to generate political awareness of key topics; establish plans of action toward defined, concrete, measurable targets, work towards meeting these targets through the implementation of projects; and evaluate local and cumulative progress toward sustainable development.

In Europe ICLEI is involved in a broad range of topics: