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Transforming a city into a more sustainable place will involve a longer journey than just a day-trip. While your local government will act as the tour operator, ICLEI’s experts can be your guides.

  • We offer training and consultancy services for developing overall local sustainability strategies, as well as specialised advice in implementing the Aalborg Commitments, sustainable procurement, local action for water and biodiversity, and for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Your city can order these services, or participate in programmes offered in joint projects or in cooperation with international, national and regional partners.


Why work alone when together is better? Exchange recent experiences, explore new approaches together, discuss critical challenges and learn from good practice: people who want to change their way of doing things need to meet other people – in person.

ICLEI organises events to suit the specific needs of Partners and Members, from conferences with more than 1,500 participants, medium-sized conventions of 200 people, discussion fora of 50 experts, workshop and seminars of 20 partners or peer-to-peer exchanges between two local governments.

Putting the hottest topics under the spotlight

In addition to thematic and tailored events, ICLEI organises regular conference series on the most relevant environmental topics for European local governments, such as:

  • EcoProcura series of conferences, providing procurers, sustainability experts and suppliers with a European meeting place. 
  • Local Renewables conference series, aiming to encourage communities to switch to renewable energy sources and showing trend-setting ideas and approaches in reducing energy consumption in cities and towns.
  • ICLEI Europe Membership Conventions, gathers ICLEI’s European Members and Partners together every three years to showcase examples of the most advanced cities in the field of implemented local sustainability policies
  • The European Sustainable Cities and Towns (ESCT) conferences, marking milestones for the progress and achievements in local sustainability in Europe. The report from the Geneva (Switzerland) conference, held in April 2013, is now available.

More information

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