ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


ICLEI Activities

2005 - 2006
"A Future with Zero CO2 Emissions" Conference 2006
15 - 17 May 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden - European conference for local governments on climate protection
The conference aimed to intensify political commitment and present practical
strategies that have been effective, encouraging replication in the region and throughout the world. Attended by local stakeholders, the business sector and youth were highlighted as groups essential for involvement in v...
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2011 - 2012
"Creating Landmarks" in Germany on green procurement
Anchoring green public procurement principles in curricula of training academies
The project will provide a customised and user-oriented training concept on green public procurement (GPP) for teachers and curriculum leaders from public administration training institutions in the form of train the trainer approach.

Lecturers and trainers from training academies across Germany...
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2008 - 2008
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Destinations
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Destinations: Meeting the challenges of Sustainability, Competitiveness and Identity
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2010 - 2014
Efficient Energy for EU Cultural Heritage
The project 3ENCULT bridges the gap between conservation of historic buildings and climate protection. Historic buildings will only survive if maintained as living spaces. Energy efficient retrofit is useful for structural protection, as well as for comfort reasons - comfort for users and “comfort...
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2004 - 2004
Aalborg (Denmark) 2004
European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference Aalborg (Denmark) 2004
In the framework of the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign, and following the series of conferences held in Aalborg 1994, Lisbon 1996, and Hannover 2000, the City of Aalborg (Denmark) hosted the Aalborg + 10 Conference 'Inspiring Futures' in June 2004. 932 participants found their way to A...
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