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ICLEI Activities

2009 -
Start-up of CCP Turkey Campaign
Turkish national Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign
The objective of CCP Turkey is to promote and encourage Turkish local governments to become active in climate change mitigation (greenhouse gas reduction) and adaptation, within the framework of the CCP Campaign.

The national coordinator of CCP Turkey is the Regional Environmental Center Turkey....
Last update: 2018-02-02
2008 -
Start-up of CCP Israel Campaign
Israel national Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign through the Convention of the Forum 15 for Reducing Air Pollution and for Climate Protection
CCP Israel was launched in 2008 as a national climate campaign linked to ICLEI's European Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign.

The signing-up ceremony was held on 13 February 2008, with 18 large and mid-sized municipalities joining the campaign – these include the 15 cities of the For...
Last update: 2018-02-02
2000 - 2002
CCP UK pilot programme
Councils for Climate Protection - United Kingdom pilot programme
A pilot scheme to establish and assess the effectiveness of a Cities (Councils) for Climate Protection Campaign was set uo in England and Wales. The aim was to investigate the options for stimulating a coherent local authority response to climate change and provide a tool to monitor and predict loc...
Last update: 2018-02-13
2002 - 2003
CapaCity - Training and Capacity-building for Local Action Planning for Employment
Building capacity for local governments to develop participatory, sustainability-oriented Local Employment Action Plans based on Local Agenda 21 planning methods through support distance training....
Last update: 2018-02-13
2003 - 2004
Sustainable Communities and Renewable Energy
The main objectives of this project are to review and develop a better understanding of the policies, mechanisms and strategies which have led to improvements in the integration of renewable energy sources (RES), the rational use of energy (RUE) and the use of clean energy for transport (CET) in Eur...
Last update: 2018-02-13
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