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Open European Day: Local authorities urged to join EU process for improving quality of life in cities at Bonn event

Bonn, Germany
26 April 2018


SPP Regions: Sustainable procurement project saves CO2 emissions equal to driving a car for more than 3 trillion kilometres per year

Freiburg, Germany
26 April 2018


Heat Roadmap Europe: Comprehensive heat and cold profiles of key EU Member States published

Freiburg, Germany
28 March 2018


Procurement strategies for sustainability in the spotlight at Procura+ seminar

Oslo, Norway
21 March 2018

InnProBio: New resources to help support innovation in the bio-based sector

Freiburg, Germany
16 March 2018

2018 Transformative Action Award launched at Urban Future Conference

Vienna, Austria
28 February 2018


ICLEI, Global Covenant of Mayors, and C40 announce One Planet Charter to Accelerate Local Implementation of the Paris Agreement

Paris, France
12 December 2017

EU Preis für beste Webseite geht erneut nach Freiburg [in German]

Freiburg, Germany
27 November 2017

Nilüfer wins Transformative Action Award 2017

Brussels, Belgium
23 November 2017

Addressing climate change through procurement:  3rd High Level Event of the GLCN on Sustainable Procurement at COP 23

Freiburg, Germany
13 November 2017

InnProBio: Online toolbox for bio-based procurement to make buyers’ lives easier

Enschede, Netherlands
8 November 2017

Heat Roadmap Europe: Major Enhancements Made To European Energy Planning Tool 

Freiburg, Germany
25 October 2017

Procura+ Awards 2017: Winners announced

Freiburg, Germany
18 October 2017

PPI4Waste project concludes with international conference in Brussels

Freiburg, Germany
29 September 2017

Transformative Action Award 2017: Shortlist revealed

Freiburg, Germany
28 September 2017

Plastic packaging: from waste to valuable resources

Freiburg, Germany
19 July 2017

Local government leaders urge MEPs to engage cities for successful EU energy transition

Brussels, Belgium
22 June 2017

Towards a greener plastic lifecycle

Freiburg, Germany
20 June 2017

Cities pledge to transform societies towards sustainability to create a more cohesive Europe

Freiburg, Germany
18 May 2017

New EU research tool makes energy planning for governments easier

Freiburg, Germany
7 March 2017


EU Prize for “The Better World“ Communication goes to ICLEI’s mobilityweek.eu

Freiburg, Germany
17 November 2016

EU Preis für „The Better World“ Kommunikation geht nach Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany
17 November 2016

GreenS Steering Committees promote the power of green public procurement

Freiburg, Germany
30 September 2016

Local governments are the cornerstone of energy transition, panellists at the EU Sustainable Energy Week agree

Freiburg, Germany
17 June 2016

ICLEI celebrates 20 years of work on Sustainable Public Procurement

Bilbao, Basque Country
28 April 2016

GPP 2020 project tenders save equivalent of more than nine oil tankers

Freiburg, Germany
19 April 2016

Sustainable and innovative energy solutions for cities on the new CEPPI project website

Freiburg, Germany
19 January 2016



SPP Regions website launched to showcase regional networks’ experience on sustainable public procurement of innovation

Freiburg, Germany
9 December 2015

1st Annual Summit of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement: “the starting point for more cities around the world to make similar pledges”

Paris, France
7 December 2015

Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement to hold its 1st Summit at COP21

Paris, France
27 November 2015

InnProBio aims to stimulate demand for bio-based products and services in Europe

Freiburg, Germany
26 May 2015

Global Lead Cities Network on sustainable public procurement launched

Seoul, Republic of Korea
13 April 2015



Smart city project to create 1,500 jobs

Freiburg, Germany
4 December 2014

Local Renewables Conference 2014 calls for a transition to energy productive cities and regions

Freiburg and Lörrach, Germany
24 October 2014

EcoProcura conference highlights strategic potential of sustainable and innovation procurement in Europe

Ghent, Belgium
26 September 2014

Local leaders discuss the future of community renewable energy during EUSEW

Brussels, Belgium
25 June 2014

Trillions of Dollars of Public Spending to be Directed Towards Greening Global Markets

New York, USA
1 April 2014

In year of climate ambition, Cape Town blazes a trail for urban action

Cape Town, South Africa
28 March 2014

Final LANDMARK conference brings together years of experience in socially responsible procurement

Bremen, Germany
27 March 2014

200 European cities and regions call for more ambitious EU climate and energy targets

Brussels, Belgium
13 March 2014



Städte aus ganz Europa lernen von Freiburgs energetischen Gebäuden und Stadtteilen

Freiburg, Germany
21 October 2013

High-level leaders to discuss financing climate change solutions at World Mayors Summit

Nantes, France
18 September 2013

ICLEI and AMR sign agreement to help Romanian cities reduce CO2
Freiburg, Germany
26 June 2013

Chair and Vice-Chairs chosen to lead Procura+ Sustainable Procurement Campaign into the future

Freiburg, Germany
13 May 2013

ICLEI offers free support with purchasing clean public vehicles

Freiburg, Germany
20 March 2013



Cities as bearers of hope for a sustainable future - City network launches debate on the potential and limits of the century of cities

Freiburg, Germany
26 October 2012

EcoProcura 2012: The power of procurement to transform the market [PDF 231kb]

Malmö, Sweden
21 September 2012

EcoProcura 2012 Media Advisory: Delivering sustainable procurement and innovation [PDF 221kb]

Freiburg, Germany
10 September, 2012

Local Renewables 2012 to explore smart energy grids and smart solutions in cities and regions [PDF 85kb]

Freiburg, Germany
6 September, 2012

Local Sustainability 2012 recommends actions to accelerate sustainable development [PDF 86kb]

Freiburg, Germany
30 May, 2012

ICLEI teams up with Earth Hour in search for city climate champion [PDF 112kb]

Freiburg, Germany
28 March, 2012

Bologna wins European Mobility Week Award 2011 [PDF 59kb]

Brussels, Belgium
6 March 2012

ICLEI members Bologna and Zagreb announced as finalists for European Mobility Award 2011 [PDF 113kb]

Freiburg, Germany
24 January, 2012



Durban outcomes: nations invest in time, world must invest in cities [PDF 72kb]

Durban, South Africa
12 December, 2011

Cities say: Urbanise the climate agenda [PDF 65kb]

Durban, South Africa
5 December, 2011

Green and glorious: European Capitals of Biodiversity lead the way towards 2020 targets [PDF 70kb]

Brussels, Belgium
24 November, 2011

ICLEI part of global network pledging to green pilgrimages [PDF 70kb]

Assisi, Italy
3 November, 2011

Renovation, inspiration and innovation at Local Renewables 2011 [PDF 72kb]

Freiburg, Germany
31 October, 2011

Handbook shows way for public authorities to successfully buy green [PDF 69kb]

Freiburg, Germany
31 October, 2011

Local governments must be equipped with tools to effectively implement Europe 2020 Strategy [PDF 72kb]

Brussels, Belgium
14 September, 2011

ICLEI’s Local Action Counter showcases cities working towards sustainability [PDF 75kb]

Freiburg, Germany
5 June, 2011

Equipping cities with the tools they need to become resilient [PDF 77kb]

Bonn, Germany
3 June, 2011

City of Almada wins prestigious European Mobility Week Award 2010 [PDF 70KB]

Freiburg, Germany
17 March, 2011

ICLEI European Convention 2011 brings cities together to enhance sustainability [PDF 70kb]

Freiburg, Germany
1 March, 2011

Local authorities compete for biodiversity crowns as second round of European Capitals of Biodiversity is launched  [PDF 68kb]

Paris, France
14 February, 2011



European ICLEI Members among the 138 cities to sign Mexico City Pact at World Mayors Summit on Climate [PDF 72kb]

Mexico City, Mexico
24 November, 2010

ICLEI Member Grande Synthe among winners of Capitals of Biodiversity Awards [PDF 68kb]

Nagoya, Japan
28 October, 2010

ICLEI Member cities triumph once again as Vitoria-Gasteiz and Nantes announced as European Green Capitals for 2012 and 2013 [PDF 72kb]

Stockholm, Sweden
22 October, 2010

Electrifying insight, innovation and interaction at Local Renewables Freiburg 2010 [PDF 68kb]

Freiburg, Germany
15 October, 2010

ICLEI Members on top at CIVITAS Awards 2010 [PDF 64kb]

Malmö, Sweden
29 September, 2010

European cities and towns shaping low carbon, greener futures in Europe [PDF 101kb]

Dunkerque, France
21 May, 2010

ICLEI Europe becomes a Supporting Structure to the Covenant of Mayors Initiative [PDF 71kb]

Freiburg, Germany
1 April, 2010