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8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns

Interviews, impressions and different talks about the topics related to sustainable development during the 8th ECSCT, 27-29 April 2016

Clean energy for 2030 and beyond

Impressions from the ICLEI and WWF led event on 13 March 2014, in which European cities and regions called for more ambitious EU climate and energy targets.

ICLEI and Rio+20

High-level figures at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, discuss ideas and solutions for global sustainability and give their impressions of the event.

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Impressions, opinions and thoughts on the ICLEI European Convention 2011

Participants and speakers from the Convention discuss the lessons they've learned, topics that need to be discussed further and their general reaction to the event.

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Presentation of the European Green Capital Award

Regional Director of ICLEI Europe, Gino Van Begin explains the importance of the Green Capital Award in a video charting the success of the initiative

ICLEI member cities Stockholm (Sweden) and Hamburg (Germany), were the first winners of the Award for 2010 and 2011 respectively. ICLEI has an active role in the process and is once again on the judging panel for the next cycle of the Award.


Messages and impressions from Dunkerque 2010

6th Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference Dunkerque 2010
19-21 May 2010


Final press conference

6th Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference Dunkerque 2010
21 May 2010

Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Michel Delebarre, Mayor of Dunkerque and Gino Van Begin, Regional Director for ICLEI Europe speak to the press following the final plenary at Dunkerque 2010.