ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


Why our Members joined

ICLEI Members share their reasons why they joined a global network of  more than 1000 local governments and their associations.

Freiburg, Germany

"As the host city for ICLEI’s European Secretariat since 1992, we are grateful to the ICLEI experts for their continuous advice enhancing our Local Agenda 21 and sustainable urban planning processes. It has provided great support to raise the worldwide profile of Freiburg as the ‘Green City’."

Dieter Salomon,
ICLEI REXCom member and Lord Mayor, City of Freiburg Germany

Helsinki, Finland

“ICLEI is a valuable partner when planning for sustainability. As a member, Helsinki had both benefited from and added to ICLEI’s in-depth expertise across a wide-variety of topics, from energy to procurement, water to mobility - looking carefully at each sector to create a more sustainable whole.”


Pekka Sauri,
Deputy Mayor, Helsinki (Finland)



Barcelona, Spain

 “By joining ICLEI, we’ve become part of a diverse community all working towards the same goal – better, more sustainable urban areas. Open discussion on the challenges and lessons learned, has played a significant role in shaping our sustainability policies and the confidence to be more ambitious.”


Janet Sanz,
Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, Barcelona (Spain)

Hamburg, Germany

Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg"As European Green Capital 2011 our aim is to serve as a role model to other European cities. Combining forces to protect the environment is of paramount importance, since environmental challenges do not stop at country or city boundaries. Hamburg is proud to be a learning city, which seeks out best-practices from fellow ICLEI Members."


Olaf Scholz,
First Mayor, City of Hamburg Germany

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Werner Spec"As an ICLEI Member, we intensely exchange experiences with other Members in a variety of issues - from sustainability management to energy supply. This allows us to learn from other cities, but also to support others with our experiences in sustainable city development. From this partnership we were able to develop the framework conditions that led us to receive the German Sustainability Award, ZeitZeicheN 2008."

Werner Spec,
Lord Mayor of Ludwigsburg Germany