ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


What ICLEI offers

Membership in ICLEI connects your city with the most ambitious and committed cities around the globe. As one of almost 200 local governments and their associations you have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people and be represented in international policy debates and at events.

Get informed

Through your Membership you will benefit from ICLEI Europe’s information and communication products. Aside from topic specific material, Members receive the:

Get involved

cc:DreamstimeThrough your Membership you will be among the first to be approached about involvement in suitable EC or other funded projects to test or develop sustainability measures and tools.

You are offered a platform to showcase your sustainability activities to ambitious colleagues throughout Europe. ICLEI’s professional information and communication service is on hand to publicise your work and achievements both online, with over 50,000 hits on the ICLEI Europe website each month, and in print, with thousands of subscribers from the media and the field of sustainability.

Participating in ICLEI Europe’s projects means exploring new ways of working. Through collaborative research and unique insights, new data and tools are developed. The results of this research are piloted through testing by small groups of local governments. By organising events and opportunities for exchange, the knowledge gained from these pilot tests is shared and multiplied.

Get advice

Through your Membership, you will gain from the broad knowledge and expertise within the ICLEI Europe office. ICLEI regularly offers reduced fees for its Members when it comes to training and service development.

ICLEI Europe offers training and consultancy services for developing overall local sustainability strategies, as well as specialised advice in implementing the Aalborg Commitments, sustainable procurement, local action for water and biodiversity, and for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Your city can order these services, or participate in programmes offered in joint projects or in cooperation with international, national and regional partners.

Get together

Participants at ESCT Conference Dunkerque 2010Through your Membership you will have priority access to ICLEI events, in many cases this includes a reduced fee. ICLEI Members also have the possibility to showcase their activities, exchange recent experiences, explore new approaches together, discuss critical challenges and learn from good practice.
From conferences with more than 1,000 participants, medium-sized conventions of 200 people, discussion fora of 50 experts, workshops of 20 partners, or peer-to peer exchanges between two local governments, ICLEI organises events to suit the specific needs of Partners and Members.

ICLEI also organises regular conference series on the most relevant environmental topics for European local governments. These include: