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ICLEI Europe Adaptation News
April 2016

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to share with you the main highlights of ICLEI Europe’s recent work on climate change adaptation. You can find out more about our adaptation projects and activities on the ICLEI Europe website.

1. Register today for Open European Day

The Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities is back!

EEA and ICLEI join forces again this year to organise the 3rd Open European Day (OED) on 5th July, back-to-back with the Bonn Resilient Cities Conference. The Open European Day brings together climate adaptation practitioners representing a diverse group of cities and key adaptation players.

City-to-city exchange is the main focus, and the interactive format facilitates and prioritises open discussion and exchange of valuable experience between cities. Topics for this year’s edition will include climate services, nature-based solutions, mainstreaming adaptation and financing adaptation.

The event is entirely free of charge and online registration is now available. Register today and ensure your place at the year’s key event on resilience in Europe!

For more information and to register for the Open European Day, click here.

Image copyright Birgit Georgi

2. Upcoming EEA report: Urban Adaptation to Climate Change in 2016

Transforming cities in a changing climate

On 5 July, the European Environment Agency will publish its new report, "Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016", which builds on and complements existing products and initiatives on urban adaptation in Europe. It focusses on the state of actions in the field and progress achieved since the first EEA report in 2012, and it considers this analysis in relation to current challenges: Do existing actions lead to attractive, climate-resilient cities and if not, what needs to be changed? The report aims to broaden perspectives and provide input to a review and subsequent adjustment of urban adaptation to climate change by local governments and by supporting regional, national and European institutions, researchers and other relevant stakeholders.

The report will be launched during the evening reception of the Open European Day on 5 July in Bonn, Germany. The reception is open to both Open European Day and Resilient Cities participants and will represent an opportunity for networking and exchange, as well as providing the first look into the new report. 

For more information, download the flyer here.

Image copyright European Environment Agency

3. RESIN - Supporting Decision-Making for Resilient Cities

The RESIN project kicked off in May 2015 and is investigating and supporting climate change adaptation practices in European cities, cooperating very closely with the project’s four core cities of Bilbao, Bratislava, Greater Manchester and Paris. The project’s first year has already seen significant progress towards its aims of developing standardized methodologies and decision support tools that cities can use to assess their vulnerability to climate change impacts, identify and prioritize adaptation options and develop local adaptation strategies. RESIN's outputs and results are available for download from the RESIN website

Did your city suffer from unusual or extreme weather events this winter? Read here about how RESIN city Greater Manchester suffered historical levels of flooding last winter, and how the city is making the most of the RESIN project to enhance Greater Manchester’s resilience against future flooding.

For more information on the RESIN project, read the RESIN newsletter.

Image: Bratislava city hal. Image copyright Anna Molinari

4. Smart Mature Resilience for more resilient cities in Europe

The Smart Mature Resilience Project (SMR) launched in June 2015 and has set out to support and develop a nexus of resilient cities in Europe, so that all of Europe’s cities can support one another in overcoming the challenges arising from risks ahead. Researchers and cities come together to enhance cities’ capacity to resist, absorb and recover from the hazardous effects of climate change. A Resilience Management Guideline and a set of practical tools are piloted and reviewed by the seven project cities: Glasgow, Donostia/San Sebastián, Kristiansand, Bristol, Vejle, Rome and Riga.

Since the project’s outset, SMR has seen its core city of Vejle launch its first resilience strategy, the foundation has been laid for pilot testing of the project’s tools in Glasgow, Donostia and Kristiansand, and project scientists have completed comprehensive reviews of the current state of the art research and contemporary approaches to resilience in the EU. 

For more information on Smart Mature Resilience, read the SMR Newsletter.

Image copyright Vejle Kommune

5. RAMSES assessment tool now available

The RAMSES project is well on its way to providing much-needed quantified evidence of the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of adaptation, which will support local engagement in adaptation planning, policy and implementation. The project recently produced a tool to estimate the local economic costs of health impacts of and adaptation to climate change, freely available for download from the RAMSES website.

The project will organize its 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue in early October 2016 in Rome presenting cutting-edge research results. More information will follow soon! 

For more information on the project’s latest research, publications and upcoming events, visit

6. GreenClimateCities - Local Solutions to Global Challenges

GreenClimateCities Europe (GCC Europe) is a comprehensive programme developed for Local Governments aiming to tackle the issues of climate change, from both a mitigation and adaptation angle. Through its integrated approach to local climate action, GCC supports local governments to scale up their efforts, align with global standards, report to global platforms, and improve their performance towards resilience and sustainable development. 

We are looking forward to sharing further updates soon from GCC Europe.

7. Event news

Nature-Based Cities at 8th ESCT Conference

The 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, the flagship conference on local sustainable development in Europe, is taking place from 27-29 April 2016 in Bilbao, Basque Country.

ICLEI Europe’s Adaptation team will host a break-out session on Nature-Based Cities on Wednesday 27th April, exploring the potential of urban green infrastructure to transform a city for the better and help build Europe’s resilience as a whole. The session will showcase inspiring examples from across Europe and explore how to address cities' needs in the context of policies and initiatives at European level related to nature-based solutions. 

For more information, visit the conference website.

Bonn Resilient Cities 2016

Resilient Cities is the annual global forum for urban resilience and climate change adaptation. Taking place from 6-8 July 2016 in Bonn, Resilient Cities 2016 offers more than 400 participants the opportunity to connect with technical experts, local governments and potential partners, benefit from networking opportunities, showcase their adaptation work and increase visibility, receive constructive feedback and learn about new tools.

This year the focus is on driving forward implementation and financing of urban resilience toward the goal of a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient urban development. Resilient Cities 2016 also provides a platform for review of relevant international framework agreements including the Sendai Framework for DRR as well as the resilient targets of SDG 11, serving as a pre-event on Resilient Cities to the Habitat III Conference.  

RESIN is a supporting partner of Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities. 

For more information, please visit the conference website.

Adaptation Futures 2016

More and more cities are using nature-based solutions as part of urban planning. ICLEI, will co-organise the high-level round table session "Nature-based solutions in cities" on Tuesday 10 May 2016 from 15.45 – 17.30 as part of Adaptation Futures 2016 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Key questions will include: what are the mid/ long-term benefits motivating cities to promote and implement nature based solutions? What concrete examples can be found of effective ways by which cities can quantify the costs and benefits of nature-based solutions and green infrastructure as compared to standard solutions? How can research and innovation stimulate practice and decision making in cooperation with cities to foster transformation toward sustainability?

TNO will discuss the RESIN project as part of science practice session "Resilient risk management strategies for critical infrastructure within cities" from 15.45 – 17.30 on Wednesday 11 May 2016 in the context of experiences from the INTACT project (network interdependencies) and with reactions from the city of Rotterdam. 

Additionally, ICLEI will hold a presentation during Adaptation Futures on "Co-creating climate change adaptation and resilience decision-making support tools with cities" as part of the session "Decision support" on Wednesday 11 May at 13:30.


For more information, please visit the conference website.

8. Event Calendar

GREEN SURGE Stakeholder Dialogue Forum
26 April 2016 - Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
27 - 29 April 2016 - Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)

4th PROVIA International Climate Change Adaptation Conference
10 - 13 May 2016 - Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities
5 July 2016 - Bonn (Germany)

Resilient Cities 2016
6 -8 July 2016 - Bonn (Germany)

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