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ICLEI in Europe News
November 2016

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We are pleased to send you the latest news on ICLEI in Europe and our partners for urban sustainability!

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  1. ICLEI Member news
  2. EU Award for "The Better World" Communication goes to ICLEI's
  3. COP22 delegates discuss new global climate change initiative
  4. GreenS Steering Committees promote the power of green public procurement
  5. Procura+ Awards finalists announced
  6. Event news
  7. Event calendar

            1. ICLEI Member News

            Body-heat sensor gives cyclists the green light in Rotterdam

            Cyclists in ICLEI Member Rotterdam (The Netherlands) crossing the Churchillplein junction will have a faster commute thanks to the installation of a thermal sensor that turns traffic lights green for cyclists. The sensor works on the basis of body heat: the greater the number of cyclists present at the red light, the quicker the green is given.

            The innovative technology was made operational by Pex Langenberg, Vice Mayor for Port, Sustainability, Mobility and Governance of the City of Rotterdam and Member of ICLEI Europe’s Regional Executive Committee. Mr Langenberg turned on the sensor in front of waiting cyclists and members of the media.

            Public reaction has already been positive, with cyclists praising the thermal sensor for lowering waiting times. Previously cyclists had to wait for upwards of two minutes at the busy junction. According to the municipality, the heat sensor is the first of its kind in The Netherlands.

            For more information, visit [in Dutch].
            Image copyright: Image (Flickr) by "Tejvan Pettinger", licensed under CC BY 2.0

            ICLEI Members discuss participation challenges in blog posts

            A series of recently published blog posts provide an insight into the work of ICLEI Members Hamburg (Germany) and Rome (Italy), as well as the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London (UK), to encourage citizen participation through the use of open data. Published by the EU-funded smarticipate project, the cities provide their take on the challenges they face, as well as steps being taken to overcome them.

            Patricia Hernandez, international relations expert with the City of Rome, believes that there is a need to tackle bureaucracy in the Italian capital. “The bureaucracy is so complex and old-fashioned that it just slows down the whole process. The good will is there from politicians, the initiative is there from citizens, but in reality the formalities hinder the whole process,” she said. Ms Hernandez hopes that the smarticipate platform will cut through the layers of bureaucracy that have been holding back citizen engagement.

            Dr Nicole Schubbe, Project Manager with the Agency for Geoinformation and Surveying of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, is positive about the future of the project, saying that the smarticipate platform will "provide citizens with a greater insight into city planning processes, and will allow them to put forward their own ideas for consideration."

            To view the live case studies, visit the smarticipate website.
            Image copyright: Joseph Marshment-Howell

            Ljubljana is ICLEI Europe’s Member in the Spotlight

            ICLEI Member Ljubljana (Slovenia) is the latest Member in the Spotlight, an ongoing series that highlights the sustainability achievements of ICLEI Member Cities. Ljubljana’s diverse sustainability efforts led to the Slovenian capital being crowned the European Green Capital for 2016.

            Ljubljana recently closed its city centre to motorised traffic, creating an extensive Urban Ecological Zone that has been gradually expanded so that today it covers more than 100,000 square metres. Walking distances for pedestrians have been shortened with the installation of new bridges and free electric vehicles have been introduced to transport citizens. As well as mobility, Ljubljana is an exemplar in the field of waste management, with 65 percent of waste in the city separately collected.

            To view Ljubljana’s Member in the Spotlight page, click here. If you'd like to share your city's progress in building a more sustainable future, contact
            Image copyright: P.Hieng

            2. EU Award for "The Better World" Communication goes to ICLEI's

            The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK website developed and managed by the ICLEI European Secretariat in Freiburg was awarded the eu.Web Award 2016 in the category "The Better World" at a prestigious ceremony at the Natural History Museum in Brussels (Belgium) last night. The high quality and communication competence of ICLEI’s work was underlined by the fact that two of the three websites nominated in the category were developed and managed by ICLEI.

            The category rewarded the best websites on the topic of environmental protection and sustainable development. The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK website motivates European cities to engage in sustainable mobility activities and provides a common platform for inspiration and exchange for cities and national initiatives.

            Ruud Schuthof, ICLEI Europe Deputy Regional Director responsible for communication, said: "The .eu Web Award is a great honour for ICLEI and a recognition of our quality and experience in the area of communicating on urban sustainability.” A jury composed of communication experts selected the winner. The competition was implemented by EURid, the registry manager for the .eu country code domains on behalf of the European Commission.

            For more information on the awards, visit
            Image copyright: Eurid

            3. COP22 delegates discuss new global climate change initiative

            Mayors, ministers and city representatives gathered at the COP22 in Marrakech (Morocco) for a session to discuss the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, a new worldwide initiative announced in June 2016 for ambitious cities to help tackle climate change. The new initiative – which will “go live” on 1 January 2017 - is a result of the EU’s Covenant of Mayors, and the Compact of Mayors, coming together. In combination, the Global Covenant represents 7,100 cities over 119 countries. The event articulated a unified vision and provided a forum for city and local government representatives committed to addressing climate change. It introduced the new initiative, and analysed the impact of the collective city commitments.

            The Global Covenant will enable cities to collect and report climate data in a comparable and transparent way, allowing local leaders to produce climate action plans and to track their progress. The Global Covenant can facilitate cities' engagement with the national level, and help the UN and the global community identify contributions that cities and local governments are making toward the goals set in Paris, which will underscore how important cities are to meeting them.

            Célestine Ketcha Epse Courtes, the Mayor of Bangangte (Cameroon), attended the event. She said: “The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy must use existing networks to bring together and push forward on the climate action that cities, towns and regions will implement. We need to walk together hand in hand to ensure our needs are understood by local governments.”

            For more information on the new Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, click here.
            Image copyright: Image (Photo on Flickr) by "ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability"

            4. GreenS Steering Committees promote the power of green public procurement

            Steering Committees comprised of municipal authority staff and procurement experts have been set up by the GreenS project in seven European countries with the aim of driving uptake of green public procurement (GPP) at local and regional level. The project aims to use GPP to help meet the EU’s goal of a 20 percent reduction in energy use in Europe by 2020.

            The newly established Steering Committees in Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Latvia, Sweden, Slovenia and Bulgaria play an important role in institutionalising GPP in these countries, helping with the development and implementation of GPP strategies, including influencing GPP standards. These committees will promote training and consultation for relevant officials, and will discuss barriers and challenges with procurers in each region.

            “Cities and regions will be provided with the knowledge to engage in greener procurement, benefitting from long-term support and technical assistance. This will not only have a positive impact on individual areas, but will help Europe as a whole. By turning energy agencies and local authorities on to GPP we can ensure that public money is spent in a way that is good for our environment and our cities,“ said Philipp Tepper, Coordinator at ICLEI Europe.

            For more information, visit
            Image copyright: Image (GreenS Project)

            5. Procura+ Awards finalists announced

            The nominees for the Procura+ Awards have been narrowed down to six finalists, representing the most remarkable procurements carried out in Europe. Copenhagen (Denmark) and Wageningen (The Netherlands) have been nominated in the category of 'Sustainable Procurement of the Year', the City of London (UK) and Rijkswaterstaat (The Netherlands) in the category of 'Tender Procedure of the Year', and the Galician Public Health Authority (Spain) and Transport for London (UK) in the category 'Innovation Procurement of the Year'.

            The awards will be presented as part of the Sustainable City Development conference in Malmö (Sweden) on 30 November. Each of the award categories looks at a different aspect of procurement. 'Innovation Procurement of the Year' acknowledges impressive procurement of innovation and the public authority as a launch customer; 'Sustainable Procurement of the Year' rewards the outstanding environmental, social and economic impacts of a procurement; and 'Tender Procedure of the Year' recognises procurers that took an exceptional approach to sustainable and innovation procurement.

            For more information on the finalists, visit the Procura+ website.
            Image copyright: Image (Flickr) by "Matty van Sloten, Corvers"

            6. Event news

            Embrace the Water conference extends call for abstracts deadline

            The call for abstracts issued by the Embrace the Water conference has been extended until 15 December 2016. Two forms of proposal will be considered: platform presentations and poster presentations. The event, which will take place in ICLEI Member Gothenburg (Sweden) from 12 - 14 June 2017, will examine sustainable urban water planning and design.

            A particular emphasis will be placed on how water management methods can become more risk resilient and efficient. Urban planners and water professionals from around the globe are invited to share their experiences and ongoing urban water projects at the conference.

            Topics to be discussed include managing uncertain futures, providing regenerative water services for sustainable use and management of water resources, and engaging communities. Registration for the event will open in February 2017.

            For more information, download the call for abstracts.

            Open European Day 2017

            The fourth Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities will bring together key adaptation actors from different organisations: cities and city networks, regional and national governments, researchers, adaptation experts and European representatives.

            This year’s Open European Day will expand on previous editions by offering interactive workshops around key themes. These will be organised by cities, where they will share their local governments’ experience in depth, or by relevant institutions that support cities through programmes and initiatives.

            Three main umbrella themes have been identified for this year’s Open European Day: transformation, innovation and co-creation. The OED Marketplace will return following the success of the format at the third Open European Day, providing a space for participants to network and brainstorm.

            For more information, visit the Resilient Cities website.

            7. Event Calendar

            3rd RAMSES Webinar
            24 November 2016

            Sustainable City Development 2016 - Procura+ Awards Ceremony
            30 November - 2 December 2016 Malmö (Sweden)

            Open European Day 2017
            3 May 2017 – Bonn (Germany)

            Embrace the Water Conference
            12 - 14 June 2017 - Gothenburg (Sweden)

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