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ICLEI in Europe News
June 2012

Dear Members, Partners and Friends of ICLEI,

We are pleased to send you the latest news on ICLEI in Europe and our partners for urban sustainability.

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  1. ICLEI Member News
  2. ICLEI teams up with C40 and WRI to launch global Protocol for community-scale greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Resilient Cities 2012 highlights local solutions to cities’ climate change challenges
  4. Is your city moving in the right direction? Registration open for European Mobility Week 2012
  5. Background study for EMAS Reference Document for the Public Administration Centre finalised
  6. Call for speakers open for 2012 CIVITAS Forum conference
  7. Book of the month
  8. New events
  9. Event reminders

1. ICLEI Member News

Stakeholder dialogues to help cities prepare for climate change challenges

ICLEI members Aalborg (Denmark), Burgas (Bulgaria), and Ancona (Italy) will each host one stakeholder dialogue in the framework of the Adaptation Strategies for European Cities, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of customised adaptation training tools that cities will use as guidelines for the process. The dialogues are aimed at helping cities with their implementation and adaptation strategy to climate change tailored to their specific challenges.

The sessions are free of charge and will take place on 29th June, and 11th July 2012, respectively, with the Aalborg dialogue underway. They will provide participants with regionally tailored expertise on climate change challenges, offer the opportunity to exchange experiences on climate change vulnerabilities, share and learn from other cities’ good practices, and voice opinions on current and future adaptation needs. Those cities interested in participating can register here.

For more information, contact

Ambitious climate plan leads Copenhagen to a carbon neutral future

ICLEI member Copenhagen (Denmark) has released its ambitious climate plan ‘KBH 2025’ to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and end its reliance on fossil fuels for energy production by 2035. Based on a 2009 Climate Plan, in which the city set out to reduce its CO₂ emissions to 20 percent of 2005 levels by 2015, the City of Copenhagen aims to become one of the world’s first fully carbon neutral cities.

The city is following the national movement away from carbon-based sources of energy. The plan is expected to meet its carbon reduction targets by transitioning energy production from coal to biomass, wind and solar energy, while also reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency in transport, housing, heating and industry. The 2015 target of reducing CO₂ emissions by a fifth was already met last year, four years ahead of schedule.

For more information, click here.

Energy key challenges discussed at Zagreb Energy Week 2012

ICLEI member Zagreb (Croatia) organised its annual Energy Week 2012 from 14 – 19 May 2012, taking a step forward in its commitment to a sustainable energy future. An international conference and a series of events on the use of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, and climate mitigation and adaptation marked the 2012 edition taking place under the message We don’t want to stop development, but we can stop pollution!.

The City of Zagreb is involved in several initiatives on energy efficiency, quality of air, as well as on the creation of Sustainable Energy Development Action Plans in Europe.  It is member of  Energy for Mayors, in which communities work together towards a smart sustainable energy future. It is also a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors, the tool which encourages European cities to report on their CO₂ emissions. Zagreb is also a leader in the field of sustainable mobility, particularly in terms of energy recovery its trams.

For more information, click here.

Innovative measures in Rotterdam for climate change adaptation

ICLEI member Rotterdam (Netherlands) is developing innovative water management strategies to make the city resilient to the impacts of climate change. Measures being explored include storage systems for rainwater and the building of several facilities to absorb water and improve the city’s drainage system, as well as rooftop gardens to absorb rain and CO₂ and reduce the urban heat island temperature effect. The city is especially affected by the water-related consequences of climate change being surrounded by water on all sides. It increasingly experiences small scale flooding; all the more worrying with around 90 percent of the city is below sea level.

A parking garage built in 2011 incorporates a 10,000 cubic metre underground rainwater store. Other devised measures include playgrounds to hold water during heavy rain, releasing it slowly to the drainage system, and an Olympic-scale rowing course that doubles as a water store. The City of Rotterdam participates in ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Campaign, and Deputy Mayor of Rotterdam, Alexandra van Huffelen, is the Resilient Cities portfolio holder within ICLEI European Regional Executive Committee.

For more information, click here. 

2. ICLEI teams up with C40 and WRI to launch Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ICLEI, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and international partners have joined forces to launch a pilot version of the Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions, providing cities with a much-needed tool for effective climate action planning and financing. The common approach, also called the community protocol, will establish a single minimum global standard for community-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurement in cities. This landmark effort represents a significant step forward in harmonising emissions measurement and reporting processes for cities of all sizes, and is already being embraced by cities in Europe.

The protocol was introduced at an official side event during the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in ICLEI member and host city Bonn (Germany). In the next steps, ICLEI, C40, and WRI are planning to incorporate pilot test results and expand the community protocol into a more comprehensive GHG accounting standard, including a full range of direct and indirect GHG emissions from urban activities. This will enable local governments to assess for how demand for goods and services can impact a GHG footprint. ICLEI Europe is also exploring ways to harmonise the Protocol´s guidance in calculating emissions with the Covenant of Mayors reporting standards.

For more information, click here.

3. Resilient Cities 2012 highlights local solutions to cities’ climate change challenges

Resilient Cities 2012, ICLEI’s global forum for learning, cooperation and networking on urban resilience and adaptation to climate change, highlighted the need for cities to develop integrated urban solutions to mitigate climate risks. The congress, which took place in ICLEI member Bonn (Germany) from 12 – 15 May 2012, concluded that the implementation of solutions depends on access to local and private funds. A new phase of the Making Cities Resilient campaign to conclude in 2015 was also launched at the conference.

During the session Choosing the right Adaptation Assessment Method previews of innovative tools were unveiled, including ICLEI Canada’s Adaptation Tool. Other important aspects were the launch of an online-tool for cities to self-assess their progress in tackling risk and climate change, and the handbook How to Make Cities More Resilient: A handbook for local government leaders, both produced by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNIDSR).

ICLEI’s President David Cadman, the head of the UNIDSR Margareta Wahlström, and Mayor of the City of Bonn Jürgen Nimptsch co-launched the handbook. The tool is designed to help local leaders convince governments and the private sector to invest more in resilience through supplying quantifiable data.

For more information, click here.

4. Is your city moving in the right direction? Registration open for European Mobility Week 2012

With registration for European Mobility Week 2012 now open Vecsés (Hungary) was the first city to take the plunge. Already over 60 cities and towns from seven countries have signed up. The European Mobility Week campaign is the perfect opportunity to present sustainable alternatives to citizens, to explain the challenges that cities and towns are facing in order to induce behavioural change and make progress towards creating a more sustainable transport strategy for Europe.

This year participants will be moving in the right direction by promoting an integrated approach to mobility planning that puts people first. Join cities across Europe and demonstrate your commitment to implementing sustainable mobility initiatives and register for European Mobility Week. If you are thinking about taking part, be sure to check this year's Thematic Guidelines to get some ideas on how to start moving!. ICLEI Europe is currently supporting the coordination Mobility Week, which is one of the longest running such events of its type in Europe.

For more information, contact

5. Background study for EMAS Reference Document for the Public Administration Centre finalised

ICLEI Europe has finalised its contribution to the EU Joint Research Centre-led EMAS Reference Document for the Public Administration Centre. ICLEI developed a detailed background study for the technical document to be published later this year, which will aid local authorities in improving their environmental standards in line with the European Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), as well as environmental auditors in reviewing public authorities.

The study gives an overview of the current state of the public administration sector in Europe, outlines environmental aspects linked to the sector, including amongst others climate change and land use policy and provides best environmental management practices in areas, such as mobility, urban water management and energy. Emerging techniques and approaches for the public administration sector are also looked at, including adaptation to climate change and resource efficiency. A workshop will be held in Seville (Spain) from 28 - 29 June 2012 to give stakeholders an opportunity to discuss and comment on the study.

To view the report, click here.

6. Call for speakers open for 2012 CIVITAS Forum conference

The 2012 CIVITAS Forum conference, hosted by current European Green Capital and ICLEI member Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) from 24 – 26 September 2012, has opened its call for speakers. The event will explore successes in urban sustainable mobility and public space planning, and participants will be invited to explore the city’s achievements in this field through site visits by bike, on foot and by bus. The draft agenda includes an exchange of dialogues and views between CIVITAS Forum cities, European politicians, and experts in the field of urban mobility.

 As the event is also the CIVITAS Plus Final Conference, it will look back at the initiative's achievements and results in the period 2008 - 2012. The 25 demonstration cities involved in the initiative will reflect on their progress in mobility plans against the backdrop of the global economic crisis. The CIVITAS Forum Network currently includes over 200 cities from 32 European countries that have formally committed to clean and sustainable urban transport.

For more information, click here.

7. Book of the month

How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies.
Hard to Make, Hard to Break

Philip Monaghan's latest book How Local Resilience Creates Sustainable Societies sets out how visionary national and local leaders can transform unsustainable societies as they attempt to recover from an age of austerity. By eliminating the culture of dependency in a socially and environmentally progressive way, the book explains how to transcend the political and social spectrum and even unify people around a common purpose. It examines how leaders can make smarter interventions within complex systems to prevent the high-cost of social and environmental failure arising from our current economic model. The book explores a number of contemporary themes (e.g. green economy, sustainable urban development, banking reform, equality and democratic renewal) and draws on a wealth of global case learning, e.g. from ICLEI members Amsterdam (Netherlands), Cape Town (South Africa), and Madison (Wisconsin).

Philip Monaghan, Routledge, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-84971-440-2 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-84971-441-9 (paperback)

8. New events

Local Renewables 2012: Programme updates to bring key ideas on smart grids and solutions

This year´s edition of Local Renewables Conference, taking place from 25 - 26 October 2012 in ICLEI member Freiburg (Germany), will focus on exploring the role of smart grids and urban-regional inter-linkages. Those interested in attending the conference can register here. Participants and speakers will be invited to examine the importance and potential of smart grids, how they can support regional energy concepts, and discuss how to tackle pressing technical, financial and strategic challenges.

Two streams of parallel sessions will present several trailblazing projects including Smart City Kalundborg (Denmark), eTelligence in the Region Cuxhaven (Germany) and Modellregion Salzburg (Austria). During this two-day conference the examples offered by these cities and regions, as well as the knowledge of the attending speakers, will provide useful ideas in order to find solutions to enhance the urban-region cooperation.

To see the full programme, for more information and to register, click here.

German congress to showcase innovative ideas on electric mobility

The 4th German Electric Vehicle Congress for innovations, concepts and new prospects in the electric mobility sector will take place from 14 -15 June in Essen (Germany). The event aims to be a showcase for electric mobility developments in Germany and draw in new ideas from around the world. This year’s edition will focus on research and development, dominant trends in the market, and the political aspects of electric mobility.

Highlights from a wide variety of sectors will be discussed at the conference, including vehicle manufacturing, motor vehicle suppliers, infrastructure (grids and charging concepts), energy storage, sustainability and market forecasting. There will be an exploration of utility vehicles as trailblazers for electric mobility and an extensive exhibition, as well as sponsoring opportunities to complete the programme.

For more information, click here. [In German]

Creating landmarks meeting on sustainable public procurement

A regional networking meeting on sustainable public procurement (SPP) in Germany will take place in ICLEI member Oranienburg (Germany) on 26 June 2012. The Creating Landmarks event will facilitate the networking of decision makers and procurers interested in modern public procurement in Eastern Germany. The one-day-meeting is one of three taking place in different regions of Germany as part of the Landmarken setzten – Creating Landmarks project.

The state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt and the German competence centre on SPP will take part in the event, aimed at promoting the exchange of experiences between cities and towns to strengthen sustainable public procurement in the future. There will be held round tables to discuss legal guidance, barrier-analysis and life-cycle costing.

For more information, click here. [In German]

9. Event reminders

Global Town Hall
13 - 22 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

ICLEI World Congress 2012
14 - 17 June 2012, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2012
18 - 22 June 2012, Brussels (Belgium)

Landmarken setzen / Creating Landmarks
26 June 2012, Oranienburg (Germany)

Covenant capaCITY Conference
18 - 19 September 2012, Malmö (Sweden)

EcoProcura 2012
19 – 21 September 2012, Malmö (Sweden)

Local Renewables 2012: Cities and regions explore smart grids and smart solutions
25 – 26 October 2012, Freiburg (Germany)

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