ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


Global Governance

As a global organisation, ICLEI also holds a global governance structure apart from regional representation. Globally, ICLEI has nine Regional Executive Committees (REXComs), each elected by the ICLEI Members of the specific region. All REXComs together form the ICLEI Council. The Council represents ICLEI’s global Membership by way of representative democracy. It is the supreme decision-making and oversight body of the global association.

From within each REXCom one representative is nominated to the ICLEI Global Executive Committee (GEXCom), which is the overall governing body representing the entire ICLEI Membership. The Global Executive Committee is the representation of Members at global level and oversees the implementation of the Strategic Plan and ICLEI operations.

Apart from the appointed representative from each Regional Executive Committee, the Global Executive Committee consists of Portfolio Members, who serve at the global level under specific themes and are elected by the Council.

From the ICLEI European Regional Executive Committee, Dario Nardella is the appointed representative to the Global Executive Committee.